Crash Diet is a song written pre-Guns N' Roses that has never been officially released by the band. The song was originally written by Axl Rose and West Arkeen about a car accident in 1984 which involved Vince Neil and caused the death of Nicholas Dingley; the drummer of Hanoi Rocks.

Axl Rose decided not to use this song for GNR though they recorded a demo for it. Instead Arkeen was looking for other bands to record Crash Diet.

The first one had been WildSide in 1990, but Rose didn`t like that version too and so WildSide changed their plans. Instead Rose attempted to record the song with the band Asphalt Ballet and it was contained on their second album "Pigs" which came out in 1993. WildSide finally released their version in 2004 on their collection "The Wasted Years".